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The Singular Good Pure Voice is There. Where Is There?

The singular good pure voice is there, but where is there?  One of my favorite authors describes the place. C.S.Lewis, known for Screwtape Letters and The Narnia Chronicles wrote a space trilogy fantasy in the 1940’s. The second book, Perelandra, describes a planet that is an Eden, a beauty and goodness untainted by evil. Lewis’ imagination stretches the reader’s with unearthly descriptions of innocence. An innocence that enthralls and refreshes Ransom, the protagonist of the trilogy, who is too familiar with evil.

“Three impressions of this long Sabbath remain. One is the endless sound of rejoicing water. Another is the delicious life that he sucked from the clusters which almost seemed to bow themselves unasked into his outstretched hands. The third is the song. Now high in the air above him, now welling up as if from glens and valleys far below, it floated through his sleep and was the first sound at every waking. It was formless as the song of a bird, yet it was not a bird’s voice.  As a bird’s voice is to a flute, so this was to a cello: low and ripe and tender, full-bellied, rich and golden-brown: passionate too, but not with the passions of men…” Perelandra p. 185

More than forty years ago this voice and Ransom’s search for it stirred more than my imagination. Even now it stirs a mix of longing and recognition. Ransom discovered a solitary creature “its evident wish to be forever a sound and only a sound in the thickest centre of the untravelled woods”. It’s song “so full of melody…joy in the thick-coming trills…a paean of rejoicing.”   Perelandra p. 191

Perelandra is a fantasy.  The song of joy and Ransom’s wonder are not. There once was an Eden. A real Creator sculpted the first real man to relate to Himself like no other creature. He created him with space where God can dwell. His passion poured His breath into that place and Adam became a living soul. It is there wonder stirs the song of joy into a singular good pure voice. That is, once upon time. Now, like Ransom, humans are all to familiar with evil and the loss of innocence. Even so, the song that is forever a sound is real and can be heard. It is sung by the Creator Himsef. That is better than a fantasy.