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Creative Spacious Goals


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I write and illustrate a fairy tale I have explored since  first  grade. it was then I had my first inkling this world was not as it should be or could be. A longing compelled me to dream that world was true. The reality of such a world crystallized in a shattered dream.

Four years after college graduation  I was ready step in to the childhood dream of career artist/writer. The fulfillment of  the deeper dream of motherhood changed my direction. Art and writing integrated into the training of our two children. hospitality at home, and worship in our church.

I am an Artist


At age twenty our daughter, Hannah, was listed for a double lung transplant due to the genetic disease cystic fibrosis. After four years she received her lungs and forty-four days later she died. During the wait for transplant, journaling unearthed a conflict in me between a demand this world satisfy and the harsh reality Hannah’s health told. This world never will be as it could be or should be. As I explored and expressed my personal story, scripture, and creation, the story that matters most became the greatest discovery.


The Direction

There is a real world where happily ever after can be true for every human being beginning now.

Its beauty that never fades and hope that never disappoints are most often discovered in pain and loss.

I am one of its many storytellers.